cRPG Character Builder updated with new exp formula.DownloadPreview Max level increased to 38.

Ctrl+C and CTRL+V shortcuts can be now used to copy/paste builds.DownloadPreview


Version 1.6.4 updated to fit modified WPF formula.DownloadPreview

Right mouse button click on "+" and "-" buttons quickly add/remove values.


I found some time to update my cRPG Character Builder for Mount&Blade: Warband - cRPG mod.DownloadPreview

This application will help you to make the best possible build for your in-game character.

New version includes all recent game changes, from WPF formula to EXP formula.

This version also let you to save or load your builds from separate .bld files.

Added Mount&Blade: WFAS - Administrator Mod to Download section.DownloadPreview

It's huge modification for Mount&Blade: With Fire And Sword game.

This mod adds a lot of new options for game server administrators.